Enterprise introduction

Zzzcms is a free open source building system made by the ASP language, which is mainly used by the vast majority of stationmaster. The establishment of zzzcms, Zzzcms Internet business establishment system, hereinafter referred to as zzzcms, was developed independently by the author. It was started in May 2016, and completed V1.0 version until June. It went through more than 10 editions in July 2016. The author brings together more than ten years of experience in zzzcms, and strives to build the…


corporate culture

Function module: 1. supports the mobile phone end of the computer and supports seamless handover. 2. support the fuzzy search in the station. 3. support the membership system, retrieve the password, member head, and so on. 4. support the content of the membership function. 5. integration of two sets of QQ customer service, support multiple QQ, multiple telephone, multiple contacts. 6. support all station automatic static, and support pseudo static static caching. 7. support database backup, reco…


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